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An M/M focused action RPG with light 'extraction' mechanics. Venture forth into expeditions, collect resources and loot, and try to make it out unscathed!

You are Kivuli, a 'Night Prowler'. As a clan member of a nomadic pack of wyverns, the day has finally come for you to hunt alone and prove yourself to your pack. Following a strange discovery, you find yourself alone... and must hunt, explore, gather and craft to not only survive, but to find your packmates.

Contains M/M focused intercourse, dubcon / noncon sexual encounters,  tentacles, BDSM, and some latex. (Subject to change in the future)

The demo version includes one 'expedition' level and 6 'scenes'.


MOVEMENT : 'WASD / Arrow keys'


PRIMARY  / MELEE ATTACK: 'Mouse 1 / Left mouse button'

SECONDARY  / RANGED ATTACK: 'Mouse 2 / Right mouse button'

DASH: 'Space'

HIDE PORTRAIT: 'Shift' (toggle between 'hold' and 'toggle' in the options)






For any questions, suggestions, bugs and more, feel free to check out our GroveDev game Discord server below! Donations are very much appreciated, but simply giving the game a go is all we ask :)

GroveDev Discord https://discord.gg/TfHstyJYCB

GroveDev team account https://www.furaffinity.net/user/grovedev/

Direct Donation link https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=HNXW72YDN4GWN

Prowler testers:

Koren Solust
Creeper Joe - Discord: creeperjoe - FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/toaocj/
Qazm - Itch.io : https://qazm.itch.io/

Artist, Programmer and writer: RegalBuster https://twitter.com/regalbuster

Writer, Lead tester, and co-creative: SirIzike https://twitter.com/SirIzike

Characters lightly based off of M*nster H*nter.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Aug 06, 2023
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(283 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAdult, Erotic, Furry, Gay, NSFW, scalie, Singleplayer, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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ProwlerDemo v0.11 WINDOWS.zip 188 MB
ProwlerDemo v0.11 LINUX.zip 270 MB
ProwlerDemo v0.1 WINDOWS.zip 187 MB
ProwlerDemo v0.1 LINUX.zip 269 MB

Development log


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So far, so good.

The game is awesome, I really like it so far. And from here on wards it's only gonna get better. 

On that note I do have a a suggestion, I guess. When you are in the map could there be like an arrow or some mark to show to which part of the map you are going to? I was looking for sticks but I was stuck in the map that didn't have any bushes and it took me a while to figure out how to change the location. 

Also I have a question, if there will be like stat points to distribute to different attributes, like strength, stamina, etc. The first thing I thought of is when you give enough point in strength the model (that a player can see on the left) would change. Like, show real changes in character. I know it's not that simple but a though to consider

Can't wait for new updates. I have high hopes for this game


Thanks for the praise, and for the questions / suggestions. We can't say if we'll add those things but we'll certainly consider them. Hopefully we can meet or even exceed your expectations when we reveal the first proper build of the game somewhen later this year.

it seems in one of the screenshots the character is wearing nipple rings? how are those gotten?


i have to admit i inentionally played without my "pants" on.

theres some dialogue about a "brand". could i have some context on it perhaps?

Seems like a fun game so far with a lot of potential!

Is there only going to be submissive content, though?  I mean, I'm wandering around the forest, naked and horny, looking like I really need to stick it in something and hey, look, I just defeated a cute lizard guy fair and square...

Like c'mon, do I really need to explain the thrill of conquest, here?


Let's just say that it doesn't make very much sense for this character to go around fucking the people he defeats, at least from the outset.

We may very well add dominant content later in the game, but this demo and our next update will remain focused on submissive defeats for now.

When will the new update be released?


Probably around the middle of the year.


when is the news updated ?


We're working on it. We'll do our best to make announcements in as many places as possible when the time comes. Please be patient for now, and check out our socials or +follow us here to keep in the loop.


Hi there im using the emulator Maldives but the space dash doesn't seem to be working on the keyboard presented do you have any other emulators available that will sync with the command for android Thank you♥️

Will there be more language options in this game, just like GROVE?


We'll try to get some other language options for the game, but since it's all been volunteer work, we can't guarantee anything at this time.

what's the variation in the plant scene?

so just to list the scenes
1 with plants
1 with charger
2 with splitters
1 with the rings
and 1 with the interlopers
or am I missing something?

The plant grapple has one subtle variation, otherwise that should be the complete scene list.

- RegalBuster

what is this variation?

Is this game still in devopment PLEASE tell me it is, Its so good!

Still in development yep :)

- RegalBuster


That’s great news, thank you!

(1 edit)

Can someone tell me how to run the game from the download? I extract all the files in a compressed .zip file, but Unlike Grove, it will take me to the file and I try to run it. But its needs the other files to run, which are again compressed in a .zip. Please help me, I want to play this so bad after playing Grove.

I'm not quite sure where you're having issues at the moment, are you on Windows?

If so, you extract it the same way you do with Grove since it's the same engine, just 'right-click', then select the option closest to 'Extract to new folder / "ProwlerDemo v0.11 WINDOWS"'.

Also let me know if you're attempting to run it off of the launcher. It might be best to try downloading it from the website version of itch.io then doing the extract if you're having issues with that.

- RegalBuster

(1 edit)

How do i get past that cave, in which we met with these immobilizing traps? (Also this game is amazing, even if i saw like a small piece of it! Hope any updates will come out soon!)

Use your dash ability!

(1 edit)

It's not working. It just doesn't let me to dash over it. Maybe i need to use it in some specific spot?

There shouldn't be any place in the game where you're blocked from proceeding by a trap...
Can you share a screenshot of where you're stuck? Maybe we can point out what to do.

Here, im dashing, and it doesnt let me. Maybe im doing something wrong?

(1 edit)

You need to go around to the right and up the ramp. You're still on the lower level.


interesting stuff, the crafting still feels very, very cumbersome. but i enjoyed most of the h-scenes. hope for more drug/submission/corruption/mind control stuff.


I only wish that your stashed materials could be used while crafting (like F*llout 4), instead of needing them on you in order to use them, but other than that solid survival game! 

F*llout 69, lel

 Spoiler to those who haven't played the game yet 

i was replaying the game to see if there was any secret and i discovered that if you get caught by the lizards while being naked you get another scene, nice touch. Are there other secrets like that or is it the only one for now ?

(1 edit) (+1)(-2)


There is a special event when it gets dark. With a small chance you get caught by someone or something (not a scene but new sprite). ;-)

Absolutely love it, and I can't wait for any future updates, will definitely be keeping an eye out for them :3

This is amazing! Excited to follow its development!

Can you make it so that we can set our own buttons in later updates? 

for when Patreon?


We currently have no plans to put either of our games on Patreon.

Enjoyed so far.  when should we hope to see more updates? (guesstimate)


Probably not until next year. We're very busy with IRL studies and work. Sorry about that.


never feel the need to apologize for putting IRL ahead of other things.  Good luck with your studies.  We'll survive without updates until you are ready to provide.


This looked pretty neat, but alas, the protag's humanoid penis on a non-human keeps me from enjoying it. I wish you well in future development!

Can you make a demo for the macOS please do not have a windows.


Tried to join the discord but requiring my phone number? No thank you -_-

Deleted 24 days ago

Ik. It keeps me from communication with other people.

Yeah, no matter what country or region it is

yeah, that really annoying that some server force us to verified using phone number, but at the same time I understood that sometimes some stupid people trying to raid some public discord server, especially server with furry or LGBT theme....

Primarily a security stop-gap to prevent any server raids. It is an inconvenience but unfortunately needed in our case



played 59 mins and I'm in love with this game, good controls, great art, with a simple and charming play style and the pixel art is on point

Thank you~!


I personally loved this demo and would love to see more of it. I was a big fan of the extraction style gameplay. Very solid foundation for the combat system too, plenty of room to add more weapons and systems with what you have in place.

Now just a small suggestion which would address the thing I was most frustrated with.

I definitely think the ability to craft without having to remove items from storage would be biggest QOL update you could make at the moment.

But yeah otherwise 10 outta 10 would absolutely love to see more of this.

Thank you very much for playing, and for the kind feedback and suggestion. We'll do our best to look into the crafting thing as it's easily the most suggested critique.


How much scenes are there? I've found only 2. Is there any guide to this

So some thoughts. 

The theme/atmosphere/NSFW content is actually quite good for a demo and I want more . 

The problem however comes from the gameplay being kinda just bad?. Gameplay currently doesn't translate well and while the atmosphere gives the monster hunter vibes, it feels more like a QTE/bad zelda clone  in how limited and unresponsive the character/attacks are. 


Sorry that you didn't click with the gameplay, but nowhere was it said the gameplay was meant to be like Monster Hunter. The first paragraph of the game description says 

"An M/M focused action RPG with light 'extraction' mechanics. Venture forth into expeditions, collect resources and loot, and try to make it out unscathed!"

If you don't like it, that's perfectly valid, but if you're blaming it simply because it wasn't like MH, that's not exactly out fault...


Fuck,  my reading comprehension is bad.

So sorry about the feedback on something that isn't really valid .

PS: Still looking forward to more content, but my idea on the gameplay, beyond I don't like it, is obviously a bit too biased at the moment to be reliabe. 

It's alright. We appreciate that you gave it a go. We know the game isn't going to click with everyone, after all.

Not gonna lie, the combat in this is clunky, and definitely requires an actual mouse. Other than that, the game is great. 


The game is very much intended to be played with a mouse, yeah.


i just finished the demo, really nice game if i had to share my thought :

i played it on my laptop so it was a bit hard to move the direction of the attacks with my mouse pad while moving and dodging the ennemies so maybe give the option to replace the commands ?

Nonetheless the game was really fun, really liked how the area changed everytime, i was a bit taken aback when after a game over i lost some piece of my armor and had to remake them but it adds a touch of value to them  

ps: It says that there was 6 scenes, but i feel like i might be wrong on something so if someone could correct me, i just wanted to be sure i got them all:    

2 for the lizards, 

1 with the rope trap of the tutoriel ?

2 with the plants 

1 with the rings

and 1 with the chargers ? (the others type of ennemies sorry forgot their name)

again really nice game impatient to see what's next.

We don't count the tutorial rope trap as a scene. The last one you're missing has a chance to occur at night-time, if you stay out too late...


I played the demo on the day of its release and only now decided to write a review. It was cool to play a new game from you, here are a couple of my thoughts:

1) I really liked how detailed we can dress our character and how much these clothes convey the fact that we are in the jungle and make it from improvised materials.

2) Finally, we saw different cocks (in Grove it was strange to see their sameness, even for those characters / monsters that should by nature have them different).

3) I was surprised when I found a slightly different location from where I left, because often in these games we run around the same location, which quickly gets boring.

4) Add inventory and chest connection when crafting. It's a little hard to remember the right ingredients, then find that you don't have space in your inventory to take them and start moving items around.

5) And in conclusion, I would like to express a wishlist: with the character's avatar on the screen, it would be very hot to see, for example, various parasites that decided to attach themselves to you.

P.S. I hope I translated my words into English correctly.

Your words are translated fine. Thank you for your suggestions and feedback.


When i saw this game is made from Grove people i instantly become hyped, your games are amezing. I had a blast playing this demo and i would love to see full verison of this game


This is great, I loved it! Most of my thoughts are just echoing those also in the comments, but, in regards to feedback:

1: Please make the button to hide the character avatar toggle, not hold, or have a setting to swap that. Cool idea, but it does take up a lot of map space, so I'd like to have the option to see better

2: Crafting interface could be improved. As is, you need to recall everything you need for an item, then grab it, then hope you got it right lol. If possible, could we craft using items from storage? Or, if not, give us a "To do list" type thing where we could select an item we're working towards and it shows how much we need/have in our inventory?

3: This is obviously an "If you turn it into a full game" type thing, but I'd love to see the combat fleshed out a bit more, just more different types of enemy attacks to make it a bit harder, even though I already enjoy it now.

All in all, definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes next!


As a demonstration of the possibilities, the game looks good. I really like how each item is put on the character. I like sex scenes. The idea of the game itself has great potential.

I hope that when the game comes out of the demo version, there will be more diverse enemies, more maps that would be created by procedural generation so that you can never get bored, more items and the like.

Of the cons. I would like to add more flexible settings for displaying the character (the ability to completely hide it). More "friendly" management in terms of inventory, crafting. Now it's all very long and inconvenient. I would like to be able to improve my home as well, improve the capacity of the box and the like. Also, if you make this game as an rpg, then you should give yourself the opportunity to choose skills with an increase in level (For example, for load capacity, for protection, for damage, etc.)

I hope the update will be released soon!

Sounds like the Demo served its purpose then, hah. Thanks for playing, and for the feedback. All things we're gonna consider if / when we continue development of the game!

I really want to play more of it!

Really good game! I would love it if enemies wont attsck yet if youre stuck in a trap but instead approach slowly

Deleted 24 days ago

We've our reasons for not selling the game on Steam that go beyond just the quality of the game. We appreciate your kind words and championing of the game though.


ok so critique of game:

-the player model on side is cool but i wish i the shift hide was toggle not hold

-being able to interact with sex scenes without an instant gameover is really nice and I like it 

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