v0.11 patch addendum

Hey all, apologies but please redownload the v0.11 patch if you had downloaded it before this post. A plugin was missing and thus the freezing fixes would not have been implemented.

- RegalBuster


ProwlerDemo v0.11 WINDOWS.zip 188 MB
Aug 07, 2023
ProwlerDemo v0.11 LINUX.zip 270 MB
Aug 07, 2023

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Will there be a bigger paid version? I think the demo is pretty sweet, loved the style; But I'm kinda just waiting for a "full" version if that will ever exist.

Not sure what our plans are regarding payment, but we do hope to make a "full" version one day when real life obligations ease up.

Tried playing, can't even boot

Can you give any more details?

Did you get an error message?
Did you download the correct version for your compute OS?
Did you extract the game before running it?
Did you save it on your harddrive, or a cloudsync file service, or an external drive?

Sorry, but going to need some more details of what exactly you did and what exactly happened before we can offer any potential help.

So, I did get the right version for my OS (Linux version), No, my PC does not have any cloud services on it at all, also I have no external drives my computer uses, it's just my normal drives. Also, I made sure to extract everything before playing. Double clicking on it does nothing, however opening in the terminal does give a ton of errors, as seen below (Pic partly censored due to me naming my user account my IRL name) Hope this helps, thanks!

Try this guide, though make sure you have the gconf package installed beforehand!


- RegalBuster

Thank you! I'll try it out, love the work you guys make!

Nope. guide didn't work, because, there is no prowler.sh file. Heck, not even my copy of Grove has a file like that for it, it's just the NW file and the (unstable) Raw game file. Even when I got Gconf, it still didn't open,and it still sent the errors from the previous pictures. Also didn't need it for Grove either, and that's  been working wonderfully on my system. Attached is what I see in my main directories of both Grove and Prowler on my computer.


How do you get the Grapple_crouch_captured scene? I thought it would be behind the bolder or something but it seems to just end the game.


Stay out until night falls, and there's a chance you'll get captured and get this scene.

Do you walk faster in this patch? Because the movement speed originally was really slow.

Everything we've changed is listed in the patch notes. We didn't touch walk speed, but you can now dash faster and more often.

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I started with v0.11 Windows to try out the game but it runs terribly (input lag and abhorrent framerate). So I tried v0.1 and the game runs smoothly. I'm running Windows 10 but I just can't figure out why v0.11 runs so poorly on my rig.

I... can't say anyone else has spoken up about this. Huh.

Have you installed it on a USB drive or something similar by any chance? That can cause a severe CPU bottleneck and performance issues. If not, we'll ask around and see if it's affecting other Win10 users and see if anything can be done.

It was on an external HDD, but I just tried it on a regular SATA connection and it works just fine. First time I ever had any issues with the external, so I guess the USB connection is at fault. In any case, consider it fixed unless others have the same issue, of course. 

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i updated my download but the chest still only holds 25 instead of 45, do i need to start a new game for that to take affect?(every thing else seems to work so far)


You need to start a new game for that, I'm afraid.

oh ok thanks