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Heyo! I hate to do this but I am having difficulty with a certain area within the map. I'm not quite sure how to pass the 'Periphery Jungle Entrence/Upper' area. Am I missing an exit or a specific enemy I need to defeat in order to pass it? It's been boggling my noggle for a couple of hours now and I am completely lost. Any help is appreciated. I can include screenshots of the area if need be.

Will the new update come out in December?


Maybe! Late December, or early January. It depends how the next few weeks treat us. The holiday season can be very unpredictable.

Sorry for the ambiguous answer, but hopefully you can understand our situation.

Hello devs, I would like to ask one think, I have a safe file that I thought I wanted to transfer to a new update version, but the problem for me is that I forgot to talk to Kuno after rescued him, so I miss the first unlockable outfit, so I thought that I would have to start over a game to unlock everything until the next update, I don't mind it, but just want to ask, if there will be any other ways to unlock every outfit in the future updates if I miss some, I just like it when I have 100% of the game completed, BTW following your game since last year and really anxious about next update 


We are indeed considering ways to get some of the armour sets and things you might have otherwise missed. I can't promise everything will have alternate ways to acquire it though... but Kuno's 'Ranger Gear' you'll be able to acquire later, yeah.

Thanks for following along with our game for so long. We're a little anxious about the next update too, but excited. Hopefully... you'll have something to try within the next 30 days or so...!


My birthday is on the 4/12. And I'm rooting for the next update to be my birthday present and Christmas present for everyone who loves this game.

The game is very good, I've replayed this version several times.

A big question is what happens to the bandits if we choose to help them with the machine.


Thanks a lot for your praise on the game. As for what's going to happen with the bandits and your decision regarding the machine... that'll unfold a little later, but we do have plans.

As for your birthday, I'm afraid I'm pretty confidant the update won't be out by the 4th of December. But we're striving for a late December / early January release. Hopefully that'll be enough of a consolation gift for you.

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Haha poor devs, people are holding you guys emotionally hostage now for an update,

Well it does show how much people are looking for to it! Great to hear an estimate date, and grateful for having you guys working on it, thank you guys for your work!


Don't worry, nobody wants to get this update completed to a high standard more than us devs. It'll come when it comes, regardless of holidays and birthdays.

But yeah, that's our hopeful ETA for the update. Do make sure to +Follow us here on, RegalBuster on Twitter, or join our Discord server, so you'll know for sure when the update is coming out!

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Well I do follow,

Regal hasn't put this ETA on twitter, so it says "NEXT VER ETA: NO ETA",  hence why I commented with a thanks, it was news to me.

As for my remark, it was just a joke, I want the next Grove release as my Christmas present just as much as that guy wants it as his Birthday's ^^

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Can't believe I just got sausage'd, well who I am to deny such culinary pleasures.

it's already a big gift just for you to have made the game. Thanks! XD

Nice to meet you,dear.Thanks the author for bringing us , such a fantastic game with so inrich plots, pictures,and so many characters who are great flavor is!Even though I am from China in the far east, I still can admire the love and light form the wonderful project as a furry with you.At the short words end,once again, I offer my sincerest wishes to you. A furry who has just grown up leave it to here.

Thank you for the kind words! It is a pleasure to see people from around the world enjoying our game, including China. 


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best rpg gvn i have ever played,i have a crush on kino,bestie cute boy

Thanks a lot! :)

Don't forget to rate our game!

This is excellent, love all the romantic touches from enemies <3

Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much, and the tone we were going for with it!

Excellent game. Thank you very much for making it.

And thank you very much for giving it a go! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself so much with it!

And to your comment on Kuno... heh, let's just that's a ringing endorsement of our successful character design, haha.


I'm so torn. Kuno is adorable. I wanna wrap him up in the fluffiest blanket, but I also wanna see him absolutely wrecked by tentacles.


I hope to see the new version by Christmas.Well,it's also my birthday.


I just wanted to say, thank you for this wonderful game. <3 you're all amazing


Hey, thank YOU for playing and for your kind comment! Much appreciated :)

i hope android version

Not any time soon. If you REALLY want to play it... there's JoiPlay or MaldiVes emulators. They're playable, but they both have bugs and performance issues and they don't have our endorsement; don't complain to us if it's not an ideal experience.

Just wanted to let you know of a bug in the Mac version (0.204).  When you try to answer the question to enable/disable in-battle grapple voices you receive the attached error.

OSX: 13.0.1 (22A400)

Chip: Apple M1 Pro

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I believe this is a case of needing to extract the game files first, not running it directly from the archive

There should be some tutorials laying around on the internet... but I think you can just make a new folder on the desktop (call it 'GroveGame', or something along those lines), then open the original downloaded archive until you see the '' file and the 'credits.html' file. Drag those out of the archive folder, and put it into your newly created 'GroveGame' folder

I don't think MacOS can edit files when they're archived, hence the need to extract them first and the 'read-only' mention in the error message! Let us know if the above solution works out for you.

what's the outlook on a current save working on your future update of this game

Quite confidant! I don't want to say absolutely certain, since we can never be 100% sure, but we're pretty confidant you should be able to go straight into the new content if that's your desire!

any idea on when more will be added to this lovely game


Hopefully... HOPEFULLY... before the end of the year. Or maybe very early in the new year!

Why can't I see anything in this forest? is this an error?

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Means you're playing on mobile emulation most likely. The lighting plugins don't work on most of them.

do you intend to release an android version


Not any time soon. I won't bore you with the technical details, but the game would require some fairly significant asset reworks, downgrades and compression to run well on mobile and be in a state where we can say "yes, this is a version worth playing".

If you REALLY want to play it... there's JoiPlay or MaldiVes emulators. They're playable, but they both have bugs and performance issues and they don't have our endorsement; don't complain to us if it's not an ideal experience.

How do I unlock this memory? Can anyone help me


Equip the slimy black underwear you get from rescuing the ranger from the blue slimes. Then proceed all the way to the east / right, past the green slimes, and this scene will eventually trigger.

You can unlock it on an old save and it'll appear in your current gallery, so don't worry about playing the whole game again.


how can I open this box


Get your corruption to 10 or higher then poke around the wrong person's tent.

where is the wrong person's tent?

Eventually the Auxillary division will set up in the top left of the village look around there until you find the tent you get shouted at for looking in.

Can you take a picture of the location and show me?

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The top picture is how to get there (Grove is on the far left of the screen), bottom picture is the place you need to look around


just finished the latest part of the story, how do I get all the oddities and the last armor set and whatever it is that goes into the personal storage space? (I only got the bun and idk how haha)


Check out this wonderful fan-made guide! It'll help you find all the things you missed:

thank u!


Can someone please upload a video of all the sex scenes? I couldn't find any on p*rnhub or Xvideos🤔


I love desigh charater game

I'm stuck at Northern Gulch, pls help

If you've reached the north and can't proceed any further, that means you need to go somewhere else.

The game should have teleported you back to the inn. It should have also said a message that you can't go further... and that your new path should be to the south...

But if you somehow missed ALL of that... start from outside the inn. Go down as far as you can. Then go all the way left. All the way out to the cliffside. And at the cliffside, you can go even further south / down.

Anyone got some tips? I'm stuck on a few.

This memory shows a particular slimy green cast... close to a certain forge.

You find yourself entering a western path... and pestering a newcomer and his tent. Suddenly your corruption flares up...

Anyone know these ones?

For the first, you want to get a slime slab from the green slime dragons in the cave. You can do that by letting them grapple you to completion when you have more than 50 STM, and then using the nearby fire...

Take the slime slab back to the wizard at the inn, ask about "oddity", there'll be a scene... and then the slime cast will appear at the blacksmith's place. Interact with it... and the scene will play out.

The second one requires having 10 or more Corruption. You can raise this by getting slimesuited by the slime dragons, just make sure to recover after each one.

Once you have that amount... go to the campsite to the west / left of the inn, and try repeatedly to enter the tent...!


I just started the game and I wanna ask, is there a way to be a dom in this?

further, is there a way to do stuff like taking advantage of when the ranger meets up with the slime? I'd love it if that was an option

like, defeating the monsters that capture others then using their own tricks into corrupting them to your whims instead of theirs, that'd be cool haha


At the moment there are no scenes that involve dominating your enemies or corrupting other characters.

If you're looking for such a game, we recommend you check out if you haven't already!

I have thank u!

and I've played the game quite a bit so far, got to rescuing the ranger for the second time,. in the jungle; havent checked the north yet

I am liking it a lot so far, keep up the good work!!! it's pretty friggin good haha

I do hope we get those options someday xP

Glad you ended up enjoying our game! Hope you'll keep playing and having a good time.

 add sex :)


We'll try


Do you have any plan to realease new update in near future? 


We certainly hope to...!

No ETA yet, but we'll do our best to make sure everyone knows when its coming!

Pleaae release mobile version of this game i really want to play this game there are few videos of this game are in  p*rnhub and couldn't find rest gameplay  love the arts and gameplay but i really want to play it on my android

Hmm you could always record the gallery and save it on the phone for... later use...

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Oh yeah my bad forgot I can't read... You have no computer to play it?

Yea😕😕 but i want android version of the game

How can I open the purple box?

You're going to have to be a lot more specific. Take a screenshot of the box you're trying to open and then maybe I can help

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I just bring a Letcher to the final fight against Jaler! LOL!

I start to bring it when I fight against Hollow, the Letcher was teleported out the jungle with me, and I just walk to the desert.

DO NOT be bound by the Warps! Jaler can also kill the Letcher when he is trying to help you to cut off the bondage.

Hi, is the next update coming out this year? like a great christmas gift?

I really enjoyed the game and have been playing it since the release.


Thanks for your support!


Groove v0.3 release date confirmed (not clickbait) 😮😮🤯

how do you get passed the second computer section? im really stuck because one set of the hollographic floor panels changes way too fast for me to move past them even when sprinting. is that supposed to be happening and am i able to change the speed at which the tiles change color or am i just hard locked out of the rest of the game?

I can assure you we haven't made a situation in which you're just hard locked out of the rest of the game. Do have a little faith in us, haha.

I'm going to assume it's this area that you're struggling with: 

If so, you should know that the white spots are safe to stand on. And if you're having trouble navigating to them quickly enough, you can also use mouse-click controls to directly travel to a particular spot.

Hope that this helps!

yeah i finally got passed it after another ten tries using the clicking controls and with always sprinting turned on being sure to save after reaching each safe platform because managing to get the timing right was a real pain. so thanks, i'd kinda forgotten about the mouse-clicking controls until you brought them up lol.


I look forward to the next update, I'm very fond of this game and the creators <3

Thank you! Hope you'll continue to enjoy the future content, when it arrives.

Hello sorry for the bother, does anyone know how to unlock the blue chest and the green box of memories of the slime forest?

Could you share the hints each chest gives? I'm afraid I can't remember which is which from just their placement.

The blue chest clue says "You leave the bandit hideout, but with souvenir in tow... You decide to leave this with another, until they have the necessary tools and amount of time to repair it." 

And the clue in the green box in the slime memories says "There is a puddle of green slime sticking to the top of this memory... You see visions of a distant cliffside lake and overbearing black thong on your groin."

OK. The blue chest is a bit complicated:

It requires you to be caught by the bandit lizards, and then to escape and retrieve your clothes. You'll get some "tatters" that you can take to the blacksmith... and then he'll eventually turn them into a new set of armour for you!

You'd have to go back to an old save in order to unlock this, though... so if you don't wanna go through all the hassle, I can say there'll be an alternative way to acquire this one in the future!

As for the green chest:

You need to be wearing the slimy black underwear, acquired by rescuing the blue-scaled ranger in the forest near the start of the game. So you may also need to go back to an earlier save.

Whilst wearing them, proceed to the East / right, past all the green slimes... until a scene occurs!

You can start a new game, or go back to an old save, and the scenes you unlock will be unlocked in your gallery. So don't worry, you don't need to play the entire game again.

Thanks so much for the help

 To finish my search for memories, I only need the one that says "Something thick, yet pleasure grapples onto your privates, and the only clear way to remove it... is to submerge."

 I really appreciate the help you have given me.

For that one, you need to have the 'latcher plants' from the jungle on you. Just one will do.

And then you need to take a dip in one of the cleansing pools that are scattered across the jungle...!

How to unlock the "dungeon master" armor set?

I went through the game to the end, but I still can’t open this armor set, I’ve already tried everything, and looked in spolers, and still didn’t understand

"dungeon master"? Sorry, I'm not quite sure which one that is. Could you take a screenshot standing in front of the armour set you're missing? I should be able help you when I identify it...

This one, I tried a lot of things, but I could not get this armor

OK, this one is a bit complicated:

It requires you to be caught by the bandit lizards, and then to escape and retrieve your clothes. You'll get some "tatters" that you can take to the blacksmith... and then he'll eventually turn them into a new set of armour for you!

You'd have to go back to an old save in order to unlock this, though... so if you don't wanna go through all the hassle, I can say there'll be an alternative way to acquire this one in the future!

Then I'll wait, I liked this non-linearity, when you can miss something and just not know about it, it's not so bad. Other games will force you to get this or that item, which kills the second playthrough a bit, but here you can learn something new for the second time, albeit in small things

this is pretty cool, thanks for the tip and good luck


Simply amazing. Really just destroys the stereotype of RPGmaker games. Just finished the story content and I am dying to see more. I will say, and it is a pipe dream, but hearing a female mentioned, even once in the game has me hopeful for some of that content :P but the art and writing is so good that I am thoroughly enjoying the content and genres already present. Can't wait to see what other crazy stuff gets added.


Thank you very much for all the kind compliments towards our game! Always nice to know we can rise above some of the RPGmaker junk that's out there, and here's hoping we can continue to impress with what comes in the future, too!

As for females... I'm afraid you shouldn't get your hopes up for female sexual content. There MIGHT be a lady NPC in there, but all the lewd stuff is gonna be focused on dudes, I'm afraid!


Finding stuff with this quality AND with the female lewd is gonna take some effort.

Will be checking back here often whatever happens nonetheless.

i love the game but after having played 3 hours and later losing my progres due to a change of device i was kinda bummed out. can u maybe add something like a chapter skip or a pick off from this chapter or event option ? i just dont wish to go through the entire 3 hours again

Sorry to hear you lost a chunk of progress. 

As the game gets longer and we add more updates, we might see if we can add the ability to skip to the start of the most recent update.

In the meantime though, you'll have to replay. No need to rush, just leave it alone for a few days and revisit it when you're more in the mood.



Hehehe, this is very cute! Is this your artwork? We'd love to feature it on our Discord server, if we have your permission?


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