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Absolute gem.

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i cant join the discord :(

Not sure if this is a recent thing or just something that's happening to me, but the game struggled in the dream with the imp, The combat and everything there was unaffected, it was just moving around and trying to press space to see stuff, it was like it was lagging really bad but it was the game lagging, even checked other things on my computer and they were all fine, it was just the game. not sure if there's a fix or whatever but thought it best you know as i've never had that problem before, still LOVE the game though! Hope to see more soon!

Have you by any chance moved the game onto an external drive or memory card or something that's NOT the main harddrive of your computer?

Because doing that causes a very big CPU bottleneck as RPG Maker and Grove are now trying to run off of the throughput from your external drive instead. That's the most common cause of laggy performance that wasn't there before


Yep, that was it, As soon as i moved it the lag was fixed XD Appreciate the help!

You're welcome!

ok where the hell do i find the blacksmith after he leaves the central camp, i cant find him anywhere. the other dragons said he went to his old workshop but idk where that is.

Open your menu. Go to the Docs. Case. Teleport to Northern Bridge Campsite. Then cross the bridge to the north. If the bridge isn't there yet, head into the building to the left and activate the lever at the back.

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thx, i actually found it an hour after i posted that. and also completed the current state the game is in. now im goin through it and trying to not get corruption. thats gonna be hard for me lol. also when is the  part 2 coming out for dark places. i told some friends about the game, and they wanna know too.

No ETA on the next update I'm afraid. But thanks a lot for recommending us to your friends!

aw ok, and your welcome. ^-^


Is it possible for us to use the chastity cage on Grove in a future update? You know, for research only :3

Hi, I just beat the game for the first time, and I gotta say, I LOVED IT! I went in hoping for some nice lewd fun, and came out emotionally invested in a bunch of adorable dragons! So, big props to you for making one of the best lewd games I've ever played. I was a bit curious, do you plan on adding a bit more dom scenes for grove? He's great on bottom but I love seeing him top especially, lol! Second question, do you have any plans to add any scenes between Grove and say, the Kuno, The Veteran, or the brawler (I swear I knew their names earlier, I am not a fake fan!) and lastly, would you guys happen to have a patreon? I'd love to try and support this amazing content!


Hey there, thanks a lot for the kind words and praise! Always a pleasure to see people coming for the lewds and then ending up emotionally invested in our characters or story!

As for your questions, we won't talk about any future scenes yet... don't want to spoil things, but the interest is both noted and appreciated.

We don't have a Patreon, but if you'd like to support our work we'd welcome donations here on! Just hit the "Download Now" button and follow the instructions (you don't have to download the game again, don't worry)

If we're noting interest for characters, may I submit my extreme interest for the blacksmith. 😩 He's so sexy

I absolutely love this game, the combat is nice and strategic and the art is just lovely. X3 thank you so much for developing this game for us.

How often do updates typically come out? Just curious, I know it takes quite a while, don't want to come off like I'm rushing or anything. Thank you!

Thanks for the kind words!

Updates come... when we can manage, really. The game remains a passion project between real life obligations, work and study. But we appreciate all the interest and encouragement nonetheless.

I completely get that, the anticipation makes it all the better. X3 thank you for the reply!

what can i do with the rubbery slime strip?

Take it to the Wizard at the inn. He'll hand it off to the blacksmith and you can find it and interact with it at the forge.

Hey, how do I progress? I've just shopped at bizz' store for the first time. But there's no more quests or seemingly anything to do. Thanks in advance 

Visit Auxiliary Hall, one screen to the left of the Inn, and check the quest boards to see if there's any quests you missed.
If you're on a quest, check your Docs. Case and your Task Log for a reminder of what you're doing.

Otherwise, the final piece of content is dealing with a certain moth fellow. If you've done that, you've done everything for now.

I haven't fought a moth yet. I have no unfinished quests and my docs. Case says I'm doing nothing. Very confusing. 

Thanks anyway haha

Try going to the Inn and using a Hot Coffee Bean to make it night-time, and then exploring around the campsite. Check the buildings.

translation patch doesn't  work on Mac? I tried Japanese and French.

Which macOS device do you use out of curiosity? Some may require a different loading method so make sure the base game actually works.

If it does run without the translation patch, ensure that you're putting the files in this location:


- You should be able to see 7 folders in there (audio, data, fonts, etc). Drag and drop into the location to replace the data folder, and it should be good to go.

- RegalBuster

thanks for your reply, but when I replaced it, the window remains dark and doesn't start.

and next i droped   the contents of the ''js'' and   ''data'' of the patch into the app.nw\data and  app.nw\js and replaced. the apps starts、but soon display now loading and this error comes up; Error: Loading Error: Failed to load: img/system/Shadow1.png.

and it does run without the patch.

Check if the 'Shadow1.rpgmaker' file is in the 'img\system' folder, might be missing.

If it's there, double check the 'shadow' file name for linux (might be the same for MacOS). If it's called 'Shadow1.png', with the 'S' as a capital, try renaming it to 'shadow1.png' and seeing if that works.

If it's called 'shadow1.png' already when you checked, rename it to 'Shadow1.png' WITH the capital and see if that works.

- Regalbuster

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it wass called 'Shadow1.png',   and I renamed it to 'shadow1.png', but it doesn't work and failed to load Shadow1.png,Shadow2.png and so on,

when I drop ''data'', this error comes up.when I replace the'js', the window remains dark.but when I replace the contents of ''js''('plugins.js' and 'Js'' or ''plugins'' folder), the game starts in English.

Unlike items that can be obtained after a number of attempts, it is very painful to have to make the correct choice five times in a row in a gamble that is influenced by simple luck.

I am not confident in my luck at all, so I do not usually gamble this way, but when I am told that I can get an item in the game, I get curious and play it over and over again.

However, when the number of attempts exceeds 1,000, I realize once again my lack of luck and quit the game in frustration.

I don't want the game to have elements that can't be handled by your own ability.

We'll consider toning down the requirements for the coin-flip mini game, but keep in mind it's simply a small document case token that you can acquire. It's little more than a cosmetic badge, designed for those that don't have much else to do with their gold.

We definitely won't be focusing on tedious RNG when it comes to items that do indeed affect gameplay flow.

- RegalBuster

the section in the desert where you have to manage your temp doesn't seem to be working for me? I walk repeatedly on tiles with shade but it doesn't cool me down and I just lose anyway. Unless the shaded tiles are smthn else and I'm mistaken

nvm I figured it out! I was walking on the shading next to walls thinking it was the shaded tiles lmao

does this game auto update?


If you've downloaded the game via the launcher, it should auto-update, yes.

That being said, there's no recent updates besides a Japanese language patch.


Hey there how do I enter the door in the upper left corner?


You cannot enter yet. It will be available in future updates.


Keeps crashing on my mac, Used to love playing this game though

Yeah... I'm afraid that newer MacOS updates are causing issues with the game. We have a workaround but it's a bit technical. We'll try and integrate this into the future builds, but for now hopefully you can follow this:

 1. Download the macOS ARM64 (STABLE, Normal) file first from
2. Extract and right click on the app, click on "Show package content".
3. Click into the "Contents" folder, and select all files and copy.
4. Go into GROVE app and right click on it, click on "Contents", and paste into the folder.
5. If the OS asks if you want to "Merge or Replace", click "replace". Do not launch just yet!
6. Go into "" (no quotes) by right clicking and choosing "open with: TextEdit" It should look currently look like this:
"name": "",
"main": "index.html",
"js-flags": "--expose-gc",
"window": { "title": "",
"toolbar": false,
"width": 816,
"height": 624,
"icon": "icon/icon.png"

7. change that to...
{ "name": "GROVE",
"main": "index.html",
"js-flags": "--expose-gc",
"window": { "title": "",
"toolbar": false,
"width": 816,
"height": 624,
"icon": "icon/icon.png"
} use CMD+S to save!

8. Launch and hopefully enjoy

Nope, still doesn't work, I get into the game and it asks me the first question after begin adventure and this error comes up; Error: EROFS: read-only file system, open /private/var/folders/8y/kr_71p_j4rd21jd7ppym2g7w0000gn/T/App Translocation/A674C56A-B9AB-408A-A947-6D1D4D81A34/d/

Well at least we have an error message and not just a crash. That's a step in the right direction.

The fix for MacOS "read-only file system" is usually to first make sure you've properly unarchived the game!
Once you're sure, try and move the game files, using Finder, to the Applications folder.


french patch is no workin

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We haven't touched anything... have you followed the instructions correctly? Extract, drag and then drop the contents of the 'FR_translation' ZIP folder into the 'www' folder within the game directory. Be sure to also extract the game folder first.

ok thanks I'll try again then

It work thanks !


I am really loving this game, the story is amazing, the scenes are beautifully drawn and made, overall it is a great game. The only downside, in my opinion, is that there is no autosave. I am someone who can forget to save his games, always have been, which is what happened I had last save right before starting the quest where you get back Kuno's (I think that is his name) bow back. Afterwards I went on and headed into the desert, and the heat got did, and I didn't save and was upset. It would be nice if the game saved every time you rest, like in the bed or tent, or even after every quest/storyline. With that being said, I am still really enjoying the game and will just have to remind myself to constantly save.


Thanks for playing and for the praise. Autosaves aren't something RPG Maker inherently supports so we'd have to do some technical wrangling... but it's on our list of features we want to at least look into!

Otherwise, we've given ya 99 slots so be judicious with saving! Thanks for playing, and hopefully recovering your process won't be too much of a chore.


I hope they finally include scenes between Grove and Tuon in the next update.

Will v.04 come out at the beginning of the year (January or February) or just later?

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited.

Somewhen this year, but not January or February I'm afraid. We're working a bit more on our other game, Prowler, right now.

距离 Grove 3.08 更新已经一年了,作为游戏的粉丝,我迫切希望它能尽快更新,那么开发团队在不久的将来有什么计划呢?

We hope to have an update out this year!

i can't wait any longer.Would you tell me the approximate time of the next update? Let me have a psychological expectation.

Like I said, hopefully some time this year.

fine,thank for your reply


Ngl, came here for the NSFW, ended up being a warrior of purity avoiding it wherever I can.

It's a good story, nice characters, enjoyable combat -and don't get me wrong- good NSFW content, genuinely looking forward to how this game goes along!

Thank you very much for playing, and the kind and positive feedback!

So, hello again. Can I transfer saves from different localised versions of game? Wouldn’t it create something like black hole or broke quest? 

We can't be 100% sure it will not cause issues, but you're welcome to try. Do keep a backup of your old saves just in case.


I came for a NSFW game and I got a game with awesome story and characters and of course good NSFW scenes! I just finished the game and... it really surprised me. All of the characters are amazing, the combat feels good and it actually left me wanting more. From story, to history of the world, it is so well written. Can't wait for whats to come! 


As the guy who writes a lot of the words you see in-game, I greatly appreciate hearing this kind of praise! It's always a pleasure to hear when our game can keep people's interest beyond the lewd content.

Hope to continue to have your approval in future updates, from combat to story to NSFW scenes and more! Thanks for the kind words!

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Help! How do I get the scene of thr blacksmith fucking the stripped slime suit in his smithy? I tried sleeping for days and the slime suit is just not appearing on one of the boxes at the smithy... and how do I get a better armor for better defense?

You need to have brought a slime strip back from the caves, given it to the Wizard at the Inn (ask about oddities). It should turn up once you've done that, but you MIGHT need to progress further in the game if you did it particularly early.

As for better armour, you can purchase a set from the blacksmith if you want something more defensive. You want to get the "Regulation Plate".

Just want to say thank you for making this game I've thoroughly enjoyed it up to this point

Really love the different personalities of the characters and the loss scenes are both hot and push buttons that you rarely see in nsfw games

Also really liking the enviromental design, especially how the main hub is overlooking the sea below

Wish you both the best in the future and a good 2024

Thank you very much for all the kind praise, for both the sexual and nonsexual aspects of our game! Glad you enjoyed it so far, and hope we can continue to add things that are just as well received in the future.



I'm on 3.08. On the third quest, found the primal slug area. Lost to the primal slug (after recieving a package from Wizz I think) then won against the subsequent slug golem.

However, I'm stuck. I'm left staring at the dude I rescued and the dialogue has stopped. 

You watch with a mixture of relief, fear and concern as the symbiotic slugs flop weakly onto the ground. What you had thought to be some aweful mimicry of a dragon, some kind of final evolution of these squirming creatures... actually WAS a dragon, parasitized by the fiends.

That's the dialogue before I'm stuck.

Otherwise, stellar game. Love playing through it

Thanks for the praise. Sorry to hear you got stuck. Have you tried playing again since? I can think of two things that might have happened to you...:

1. RPG Maker had a 'visual freeze'. This sometimes happens when there's a hiccup with the game's processes. It causes the screen to appear frozen even though you can still move around and do stuff, you just won't be able to see it...
I'm afraid the only solution to this is to just try again, and try not to have too many programs running in the background or tab out from the game.

2. If you're using click controls perchance, they don't work right on every map. That particular area is one such place the click controls don't sync right so I would recommend using keyboard arrows and enter and suchlike.

Hope either of those things can 'help' you and you can continue to play the game!

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So, i completed game at least twice, and i really like it! Betwen, i find that in the bandits well i couldnt kill bandits at back. Meybe it a bug, or i need to press some special button? At previous version( 204) , it was OK. Also, will it be any code to unclock everything in game? Also, im interesting in, will it be any 'real' scene with other non-corupted dragons?

I believe that is a bug with the Russian Translation. Unfortunately the translators messed with some events and files and caused some bugs...

Thank you for the praise and the questions. We hope to make more content with the other dragons in future updates. We won't add cheat codes to unlock the gallery though.

Ty for answering, good luck with devoleping!

I love the game and i've been wondering if we'll get an even skimpier armor like the one Enthralled Explorer is wearing during his battle?

Thanks for the praise. Maybe there'll be some more lewd armour sets in the future, no guarantees at this point though.

 I hope the disarming state can have different dialogue content

Something we'll consider for future updates

I just finished the game so far and Im gonna say It was an amazing experience from the storyline following the characters arcs si far , and of course the corruption, i fell it has more emotion due to history, like imagining happening it to you due to the imersive world, I been wanting to play  the game since i knew about it and now that I did, I fell satisfied, hopefully you´ll be able to continue part 2 this year and see what awaits us

Thank you very much for the praise on the game and its story! We intend to keep working on the game and adding more to it in the future. 


I just want to say,Happy New Year.And everyboby better than more.


Best game I've ever played, tops a lot of mainstream games like Zelda, Fortinite Mario, Halo, Metroid, maybe even The Last of Us for me, I'm 100% gonna play through the entire thing again once a major storyline update comes out

Very kind of you to say so, thank you


At this point I'm in it for the story

Appreciate the sentiment!

Thank you. Your writing was really inspiring here; I don't think there was one character I didn't find endearing in their own way. I was really surprised seeing you portray the dragons in a less noble light, and also your NPC characters were all adorable! If this is some setup for a story path where Grove confronts the less savory parts of the empire and rights those wrongs, I'm all for it. I remember combing that ship cave top to bottom to make sure I didn't miss any fun story hooks either. 

Thanks for the amazing game. Behind all the fun scenes, there's also some REALLY solid world building.

Thank you very much for the kind words on the word building and story writing! It's something we put just as much effort into and it's always a pleasure to hear when it ends up resonating with folks beyond just the lewd and sexual stuff!

As for where the story is going, we can't yet say, but  we hope you'll stick around and find it interesting when the time comes!

What is a "backup build"?

It's a version of the game from the previous update. 

If you would like, I would like to help you with Japanese translation.

Thank you for the offer. When we are close to finishing the next update, we'll look into more Japanese translators.


I've played this game from both the pure and corruption routes and I got to say this game is just awesome in both routes. I also like to add that I'm glad you guys added spiders and moths into the game as well. A lot (and I mean a lot) of furry (or should I say scalie in this case? games tend to never add any anthro insects to their games so I'm glad to see them getting some love. I'm excited to see more.

Thank you very much! Ultimately it all comes down to taste, but it has been nice seeing the positive reception to our insectoid designs, even amongst folk who normally DON'T like such creatures

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What about the apple on the tree where we first meet the Spaniard? Returning from the desert, I didn’t find the apple! If one is in a pot in the desert, the second is at the entrance to the jungle, the third is in the jungle, the fourth belongs to the Spaniard, then where are the other apples?

Sorry, but since they're a special collectable, we don't like to give hints or clues for the apples.


Spent the last week playing the game and I can say I finally completed and collected all the gallery scenes. I give it a 10/10 and can't wait to see what's in store for Grove and friends. I really enjoyed the world building and store I'm so intrigued as to what's going on in the area causing all the corruption to the land and its inhabitants.

I do have a few questions about future development that I'd like to pick you guys brains about.

Will we have more encounters/enemies like the enthralled explorer? That was one of the hottest moments in the game and I liked how your only options were the grapple moves and the resist option. I couldn't resist the urge to lose a few times.

Is there a chance that we see the bandit group again? That was a fun little arc and I was hoping to see more of them.

Will we also get answers as to where that snake guy came from in the desert? :o

Alright that's all I have, keep up the great work on this game and Prowler!!!!<3

Thanks a bunch for the kind praise on our game! It's always appreciated when somebody says they enjoyed the character and plot as much as the porn. Thank you, thank you.

As for your questions... we're not going to give specifics, but hopefully there will indeed be more of the snakes, bandits, and enemies with more unique forms of battle like the enthralled explorer!

Hey i started playing today and im having a blast, I love it a LOT!  Although its super difficult when im playing without any walkthroughs, im currently in the desert and i beat the sand cobra, after that i had no idea what i had to do, could you please give any help on what to do after beating the Sand Cobra? Cause i genuinely have no idea what to do. love the game though its really good.

Attempt to enter the desert. The game should teleport you back to the Quiet Meadow. From there you need to go to the jungle. Leave the Quiet Meadow via the bottom-left exit, follow the path to the cliffs, and then head south.

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