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GROVE v0.204 

Minor bugfix patch, alongside the release of experimental Linux and macOS builds

GROVE v0.2 - "North & South" 

Set out into new directions and continue the story of Grove and his exploration of the Northern Extents! More story, more characters, more enemies and lewd scenes for you all to enjoy! This new content is aimed towards characters at level 5-7 and is hoped to last from 2-3 hours at a reasonable pace!

"Grove” is an M/M focused NSFW RPG following the journey of an adventurer as he attempts to venture into the far north of an unexplored land. You play as Grove, a skilled dragon explorer and cartographer assisting in the main island colonisation.

As parties disperse, individuals begin to disappear further towards the cusp of the north. Soon, rumours of curses and monstrous entities encroaching from the northern expanse begin to spread among your ranks. As you near the end of your allocated survey areas, you are given a strange contraption with a marked map, the only guide to its function.

Your interest piqued, you set off and begin your journey into the northern expanse.

Contains M/M focused intercourse, dubcon / noncon sexual encounters,  tentacles, hypnosis, slimes and some latex.

MOVEMENT : Arrow keys / mouse click
INTERACT: Enter, space, or left click (run)
RUN / WALK: Shift or double click a tile
MENU: ESC or right click

HIDE TEXTBOX: H or right click

For any questions, suggestions, bugs and more, feel free to check out our GROVE game Discord server below! Donations are very much appreciated, but simply giving the game a go is all we ask :)

GROVE game Discord
(https://discord.gg/TfHstyJYCB )

GroveDev team account (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/grovedev/ )

Direct Donation link (https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=HNXW72YDN4GWN )


Artist, Programmer and writer: RegalBuster (https://twitter.com/regalbuster )
Writer, Tester, and co-creative: SirIzike ( https://twitter.com/SirIzike )
Grove voice by: Dragon-V0942 (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/dragon-v0942/ )

Special thanks to Pascal for providing assistance with the macOS build!
Special thanks to Qazm for providing assistance with the Linux build!
Special thanks to Kernog for creating the French patch for Grove!
Special thanks to Ringo for creating the Russian patch for Grove!
Special thanks to gre1_kemo for creating the Japanese patch for Grove!
Special thanks to dr_wilh for creating the Chinese patch for Grove!

For players looking to unlock everything in the game, check out this fan-made timeline (v0.204) SPOILERS INSIDE: ( https://qazm.itch.io/a-grove-timeline )

Backup downloads can be found here:
LINUX: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FY2SVgu9VOCAffic76PlcPZa9MCr18dM/view?usp=shari...

MacOS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11goYxNG_QYnZZ96daS-YZYYbVuTiqZly/view?usp=shari...

WINDOWS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15y_Bpv3kZFaryuhgZ6ResvCvUZBVifvH/view?usp=shari...

Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAdult, Erotic, Furry, Gay, NSFW, scalie, Singleplayer, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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GROVE v0.204.zip 1 GB
Version 0.204
Version 0.204
Version 0.204
GROVE 0.204 French language patch 1 MB
GROVE 0.204 Russian language patch 4 MB

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Hi i love this game but, everytime i close the game and open it again all my saves are erased why does this happen?

some devs like to add a paywall after the game is "complete" will you be doing this?


Most likely not, I'd say

Good, mist game just did, paywalls suck!

could I suggest maybe a option to pay (with gold of course) to unlock/go back to an area, so that you can unlock it in the gallery? As much as I loved the game, I'd rather not have to restart to get the mimic scene. Otherwise I'm loving the game so far nwn

Good news: You don't have to pay money or restart your entire game just to get a scene you missed in the gallery. We've already implemented a feature that allows you to unlock scenes you missed by going 'back in time' with an old save.

Just load up an old save and go check out the mimic scene. Make sure that you have enough Stamina so you don't get a Game Over, and you'll unlock the scene in the gallery in your most recent save!

Hi, love the game tons! But I'm a bit stuck. I've been playing the game and just can't really finish it because it won't let me save?? Whenever I try, it makes a loud errorlike beeping noise. 

An beeping error noise when you try and save? That's a new one...

Well, my first suggestion when it comes to saving issues is to double-check that you properly extracted / unzipped the game when you downloaded it. The game won't properly save if you're playing it out of the compressed folder... so do double check that.

If you've already done that... does the game give you an error message at all? Or your computer for that matter? What operating system are you running the game on? Gonna need some more details to try and work this out...

The game runs smoothly otherwise, and I'm on Windows. It's properly extracted although I do have some files put in from previous versions of the game and ik I put them in according to the tutorial and everything. It doesn't give me an error message or anything, just beeps like that sound when you input some kinda wrong answer to something lmao.

Hey there, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It's not perfect, but we might have a solution for you:

Our best guess is somehow the game's global save file has become corrupted. In this case, the best thing to do is go to the folder you've saved the game in, cut and paste your numbered saves and 'persistent' save file elsewhere so they're backed up, then delete the current version of the game and redownload it again from this website.

You should then be able to copy your backed up saves into the new game's files and continue as you were...!

(1 edit)

For some reason it still won't work and I did precisely that! My saves are there and I can load them, but I can't save.

Where did you put the game directory? Because you can load the files, but can't rewrite / generate new ones, I'm assuming you've placed it in a location with restricted access. Try putting it on your desktop if you haven't already, and run from there. Otherwise, see if running the game in administrative mode will help 

- RegalBuster

Heya, I've just found the game and tried it out, but now I'm stuck. In the sand valley underground bunker virtual reality, after disabling the second barrier, I can't pass the long stretch, bc even with running I can't reach a safe tile. Maybe the two turns make me too late? I've been trying a couple dozen times, but no dice, so I gave up for now. Am I missing a trick?? Other than that I've enjoyed the characters and quests so far and the overall tone of the narrative is cute. Thank you for sharing it!

Is this the spot you're referring to, by any chance? If so, those white areas are safe spots that you can navigate to, so you don't have to do it all in one go!

If you're having trouble getting to them, you can also use mouse-click navigation! Give it a shot if you're struggling at all.

Hope this helps!

exactly that! I did notice the areas, but couldn't make it.. but I haven't tried mouseclick navigation, so I'll do that next! Thank you for the reply, that was fast!^^

I love the game. Excited and can't wait for new stuff to be added to it. I return to reply to it from the start every once in a while just for the sake of enjoyment. Your project is unique, which makes me return to it over and over again.

Thank you very much for the kind compliments on our game! :)

I really enjoyed the game! Despite the fact that I'm not a fan of RPG due to the fact that I poorly navigate the maps and often can not find the right passage to the location.

And because of this problem I have a question. How do I get to the southern regions to help the veteran group? ( I have not yet passed the bridge in the north). Thanks in advance for the help.  

From the Quiet Meadow's Inn, you wanna head straight downwards, and then go all the way to the left! You'll end up back at the cliffside you started the game at... and there'll be a path further to the south that'll take you to where the veteran's group have gone!

Hope you'll be able to continue playing and enjoy yourself!

I am truly grateful for your help.

Enjoy the 10 Dollars, Can't wait for more


Thank you very much!

Deleted 6 days ago

You were banned, permanently, in late October and not September. There were no plans to lift the ban, then or now.

That's all that needs to be said.

Deleted 6 days ago

really looking forward to how things progress going forward, already love the content that is released, but quite interested on your next ideas and the new enemy's


Thanks kindly! Hope we'll surprise and delight ya with what we have in store for the future!

love the game but would love to know if and when more will be added to it cause i liked it alot


We haven't got an estimated time on when more will be added, but there will be more eventually. Please be patient, and thank you for playing and sharing your positive words :)

sounds good just really hoping for more and i am sure others are hoping for more as well but take your time tho we all want to see good stuff come for you and your team 

Very cool game. I avoid RPG Maker games like the plague but I'm glad I gave this one a chance.

I hope we get some non-batle/loss related scenes. Would be nice to have a just nice and happy day with Kuno, for instance.

Excited for the next major patch, whenever that comes around.


Thank you very much for taking the plunge with our game! Glad that you ended up having an enjoyable time of things despite your concerns going in.

There'll be some more kinds of scenes that are less lewd, or otherwise more innocent and innocuous for sure. Do keep an eye out when the next major patch is ready... whenever that is (no ETA yet)


This game is brilliant!

I've always thought RPG Maker games aren't good and I found them unappealing when it comes to graphics and UI. Though, I decided to give this game a try. I'm in fact a fan of adult RPGs and this game exceeded my expectations already in tutorial. 

I loved everything that this game has to offer, battle mechanics, simple yet very good art, literally all sexy and lewd things in the game. I had lots of fun!

I'm looking forward for future updates and I'll consider donating. Thank you for this game and good luck!


Hey, thank you for the very kind and encouraging comment!

We know that RPG Maker games get a bit of flak for being rather uninspired when it comes to visuals... trust us, we've played some of those ourselves.

 It was a conscious effort to really put some work into making the game look and feel and handle different and stand out from the pack, and we're glad that in your eyes it seems to have managed that!

A donation would be massively appreciated, but mostly we're just glad you took the time to check out our game and share a very kind review, thank you!

(1 edit) (+1)

i saw the game was Published on September 11th, and now it's the 11th for me don't know if it's the same for you guys but let me be the first to say Happy Anniversary GROVE! :D

Thank you very much! One year since being on itch.io, though the game itself is a little older than that. Nevertheless, thanks a lot for the kind words! And thank you for playing our game!

No Problem! i can't wait to see the new Update to the game soon and I got almost all the cutscenes in the game too, I hope you do your best with Grove Good Luck my friend. Link out! ;)

I very like this game . but I form china .I dont know how to support this game.


We are very grateful for you playing the game, thank you! If you would like to support us, here is a direct donation PayPal link:

I want to ask if there is a version after 0.204. I've been waiting for a year, and I can't wait know.


Nothing yet, though I can assure you it hasn't been a year yet. Trust us, we'd know.

If you're +Following here on itch.io, following RegalBuster's Twitter, or on our Discord, you'll be the first to know when we have update information. Otherwise, just sit back and relax and be patient. We'll do our best to make sure nobody misses it!

Emmm,in fact, I can't access more cyberspace, because there are many special occupations in China that have this requirement, and it's not just in China. And my English is so poor that I just can only use an interpreter to communicate with you here.

It's probably like when your landlord comes to collect rent, there's a fixed time to come, although I don't think I actually did anything to violate the professional code.

I understand that it is difficult to access those websites in China.

If you "follow GROVE DEVELOPMENT" on the project page (https://grovedevelopment.itch.io/groverpgnsfw) you should be informed when we have a new update to share.

Yes, thank you. I think I need it very much. It's the most important game for me.

(1 edit)

Hi, I wanted to apologize to any discord mod/admin who received a scam message from my account. I got hacked last month and they blocked anyone I previously started a chat with. Other than that, they sent a discord link to a server made solely to hack whoever joined it. I managed to recover my account, but now I can no longer enter the Grove discord server. 


Hey RukaWeierstrass,

No worries, do you mind giving me your Discord username so I can remove the ban?

- RegalBuster

Sure, I'm Sekai_#0197


Ok, I've just revoked the ban. Do watch out for suspicious links next time!

- RegalBuster

Something's wrong with the Mac OS version. At the start of the game when it asks you if you want voices or not, choosing either of them will give me an error message.


It's likely this mechanism: https://lapcatsoftware.com/articles/app-translocation.html

I.e. the fix is to first unarchive the game, and then move the game files again, using Finder. That seems to clear some quarantine flag.


Thanks for the help, it worked!

Glad to hear it!



我们不确定。 请耐心等待。


Any chance of adding a mode where you can choose your armor from the start? to add a challenge, or would that cause too many issues for the game?


I don't think it'd cause any real issues in terms of programming, but I also don't think it'd add much in the way of challenge either? The armour sets (and weapon choices) are our soft implementation of a "class" system, so none of them should really make the game harder... besides I guess if you started naked.

Maybe a NG+ option, but that's a long way in the future, haha.

I know linux version of it is still experimental so I just wanna say it is all black screen . . . The visual up to date is missing to say the least however the game still works I suppose, I can still hear its audio when I click buttons  ( e.g. arrows, enter). I do hope it will be fixed soon <3

In case just restarting the game doesn't fix it and if you're willing to do a bit of surgery on the game files:

This could be an incompatibility between the old version of NW.js that comes with RPG Maker MV and a newer graphics stack on your system, since the former is effectively an old Chromium from 2018.
The good news is that it's not customised, so you can download the "NORMAL" version from nwjs.io and extract it over the matching files in the GROVE… folder to update.

That's largely a guess though. I'm mainly suggesting it because it fixed hardware acceleration for me on Linux, but the game was already rendering for me regardless, even if slowly.

(1 edit)

Just had to stop by and say this game is utterly wonderful. There really is nothing like it that I know of; Chimeric Violet has elements of submission and it *IS* a great game, but it's also CREEPY-AS-HELL😰

DO I hope slavers are added akin to the terrifically made/written bandit sequence? YES

DO I hope spiders are added while understanding full well they're not for everyone? YES

DO I really care deeply about either of those things? NOPE, not when I completely trust the vision of the game! Please keep at it!


BTW: to anyone that wouldn't want to miss it and did, make sure to fight and lose to the bandit chief; amazing sequence! I worked with him when I played so almost missed it till playing around with the gallery


Hey, thanks a lot for the very kind and enthusiastic comment! I'm really glad you seemingly enjoyed a great deal of our efforts.

I'll say... I think that you'd be quite fond of the next update we're working on. No ETA yet, but given your hopes / suggestions... I think you'll be pleased for sure. Do follow the project here, or RegalBuster on Twitter, if you wanna be kept in the know.

Otherwise, thanks again for stopping by and giving the kind comment! Super appreciated :)

Deleted 33 days ago

Dude, you do realize it's gay for a reason, a entirely gay game, no they will not be adding a single female character, and definitely not a gender swapped cast



З Oh my God! There is a Russian language here


There should be a scene if you wear the slimy black underwear in front of Kuno where you end up having sex with Kuno in a moment of lust.  Love to commission a story regarding the underwear myself.

Game definitely has huge potential , the story is great , character is fine too. The only thing bugging me while playing this game is the battle system, it went fine thorough the battle but once it went near the end (where you grappled the enemy aka had sex, but none of you get to climax(you win). But if the enemy gets to climax ,you lose.) If the battle went like ,let's say Tavern of Spear or Small on Top or even Lustful Desires it'll be much much way better. Just a heads up*. Or if i somehow I did something wrong in my way of playing, please anyone do tell haha.


Thanks for playing our game, I'm glad that you enjoyed the story and the characters.

I don't know if I fully understand your critique of the battle system though. Are you saying you want a battle system that's all about charming enemies, having sex with them, and winning the battle because THEY climaxed and are exhausted?

If that's the case... well, you're entitled to that opinion, and I know that those other games you mentioned do that, but that's not really how WE want to handle Grove's character nor the kinds of enemies in our game. We want things to be dangerous, tempting, corruptive and hypnotic, and having sex with them being a submission to desire... if Grove could somehow win by out-sexing them, that'd really mitigate a lot of their 'threat' and the kind of kinks we want to display.

Hope you can understand our reasons and motivations for not following the crowd and doing what all those other games do. We have absolutely nothing against those games, we just want to make something a little different...!


I get what the game is about.  It's about fighting the temptation to be dominated and risking a game over by seeing a sex scene.  Having sex with monsters sounds fun but how often would you end up being able to walk away alive and losing some money?  I like the fact you allow a gallery for those who like the scenes.  I enjoy monster sex as much as the next person but the plot itself is important as well.  Keep it up.


Absolutely not! The battle system is very original AND perfect! I hope the author doesn't ever change it to look like another game. I love this system of losing armor so much, it's very exciting. So please, you don't have to change what is perfect already SirIzike

Be cool if you had a drone character following the protagonist.  The drone is a prototype you find in the virtual world and always refers to your character in the same matter the computer does. 

(1 edit)

There seems to be a bug at the blacksmith's after releasing him and the Quiet Meadow is rebuilt. After visiting him first time if you go back again, it keeps saying "Perhaps you should check on the Blacksmith first", but the only interaction with him is for shopping. And I can't leave the area.  

Try checking out the Inn and talking to the Wizard, or go to the well in the south behind the gate.

Would love to have the option to take a slime or corrupted creature to be a toy when you beat them. 

Does being corrupted affect the ending or it doesn't matter?

It will affect the ending, in the future. Right now it just influences a few scenes.

I pay most games on my mac computer. I have a pretty up to date one, and its always run smoothly. But for some reason every time I get to the point where it asks to enable grapple voices the game stops working, and I can't ever get beyond that point.

Does anyone else with mac have this issue?

(1 edit)

Does the game provide any kind of error message? If so, can you share it with us? Otherwise, please check you've downloaded the MacOS version, that it's downloaded to the desktop and not a cloud-sync location, and... sometimes just restarting the computer can fix things.

If you've tried all that and it's still crashing, you might need a small bit of additional software to run the game. Don't worry, it's free and safe. Here's what to do:

1). Download the game file and extract the folder (Grove_0.204) to the desktop.
2). Download the normal version of NW.js (https://nwjs.io/) and transfer the app to Applications.
3). Go finder, utilities, terminal and use the following command to launch the game: open -n -a nwjs --args "/Users/name/Desktop/Grove_0.204"

(the "name" should be your username for the file path)

Hopefully one of these solutions should work for you!

Is there a Japanese patch available?



Thanks you!

when will the next update come out

We haven't got any release window I'm afraid. But you can either +Follow Grove Development, RegalBuster's Twitter, or join our Discord to be kept updated with news when we DO have a date.

I want to Android download it game pls , thx

Does it have Chinese patch ?



Please enjoy! 我希望你喜欢它


Thanks you😀

I wanna play this game so bad but I don't have any non android device. Is it possible that this game will be available for android users in the future?

Unlikely, given that the game uses several plugins that don't work with Android emulation. The game would be missing features and visuals and would be a fairly gimped product...

But I won't say never. We might figure a way around it. But I really can't make any promises.


I adore this game. The art is fantastic, the mix of sketches and coloured, lined pieces actually works really well! The story is even more fun- this was the first of these games where I actually prioritized the story over the fun CGs because I was just too engaged. I desperately want to have more encounters with the bandit captain and romance some of the friends we've met so far. I also just want to know more about the story! It's a great premise and I adore how you execute it because it really feels like the world and your character have their own stories. I can't wait for more!


Thanks a lot for the big, kind comment! It's always a pleasure to see people who enjoy the story and the characters, as well as all the lewd stuff going on. Glad you like the mixture of art styles too, even if not every scene is fully rendered out.

More will come in the future, more characters, more relationship building, and maybe the return of a few people as well... hope you'll enjoy it, when it arrives! No date yet, but I can assure you it's being worked on!


Goddamn, I absolutely love games like this. Beautiful NSFW M/M games with some lovely game overs. Gladly lost once to practically every single enemy I have faced and not regretted it once.  Honestly only have one question and tried to see if anybody asked or the details were in the change logs but, I was wondering if anything happens if I leave Kuno to the slimes early on and make it to the abandoned bar. Is his just completely gone, do they save him, or do you encounter him again but, corrupted?

I'll simply say that the game takes into consideration what might happen if you leave Kuno behind in the forest, and make it to the abandoned bar. If you wanna know exactly what happens... you can try it yourself some time :P

Otherwise though, thank you very much for the kind compliments towards our game! Glad you enjoyed it so much, and thanks for playing it through as comprehensively as you did!

Any new upcoming content?

There will be more, but we don't have any date yet.

so im having a problem where my game freezes when i attempt to use my grapple moves any ideas how to fix that? wonder if something was wrong when i downloaded it for windows

Interesting... not an issue we've ever heard reported before. The game just freezes, yes? No error messages or anything?

The first recommendation as always would indeed be redownloading the game. And if it happens for you again, we can try and find what the problem is.


make a female version please 

I have had problems like that occasionally.  If i restart my PC it fixes it for me.  

Thank you ginger that worked for me just odd it would do that


Would this work on Joiplay?

It has several graphical issues that impede gameplay

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